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Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skate Combo Set - Blue Black

Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skate Combo Set - Blue Black

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Embark on a thrilling roller skating adventure with the Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skate Combo Set. This comprehensive combo equips kids with everything needed for a fun and safe experience.

Get ready for a smooth and controlled ride with the iconic Chicago Adjustable Quad Skate, renowned for its popularity and recognition. Designed with beginners in mind, the skates feature a multi-adjust boot that effortlessly grows with the child's developing skating skills.

Key Features:

  • Comfort & Support: The hi-top silhouette, two-piece boot construction, padded collar, breathable nylon mesh inner boot, and two micro ratchet buckles ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Control & Stability: Experience excellent traction and stability through the 60mm composite wheels and 608ZB semi-precision speed bearings. The built-in toe brakes provide safe and reliable stopping power.
  • Specifics: The skates come in a vibrant Blue/Silver color, and their adjustable youth size is Small (J10 – J13). Chicago Skates, a leading brand with over 100 years of industry expertise, backs the product with a 30-day manufacturer's warranty.

Prepare for the journey ahead with essentials tailored for growth and safety. The skates easily adjust four full sizes with the push of a button, accommodating the child's growing feet without the need for frequent replacements. Safety takes center stage with stylish knee pads, wrist guards, and a safety helmet included in the combo. Chicago Skates ensures a classic yet functional design that provides the perfect blend of style, comfort, and safety. Skate confidently with the assurance of quality from a brand that has set the standard in the quad roller skate industry for over a century. Choose the Chicago Boy’s Adjustable Quad Skate Combo for an unforgettable and enjoyable skating experience. Available in adjustable youth sizes Small (J10 – J13) and Medium (1 - 4).

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