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Chicago 2-in-1 Adjustable Inline Training Skate Combo Set - Pink

Chicago 2-in-1 Adjustable Inline Training Skate Combo Set - Pink

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Embark on a skating journey with the Chicago Training Skates Bundle – the ultimate companion for budding skaters. This all-inclusive set is designed to make learning to skate a breeze, ensuring a seamless transition from beginner to pro. The Chicago Training Skates Bundle features adjustable skates that grow with your child, effortlessly converting from trainer skates to inline skates. With two easy-adjusting micro ratchet buckles, the skates provide a secure fit, offering comfort and leg cushioning for stress-free skating. Equipped with 64mm wheels and 608z bearings, your child will experience stability and control, fostering confidence on the skating rink.

About this item: Kickstart your little lady's skating journey with the Chicago Training Skates Bundle. This comprehensive set includes adjustable skates, a safety helmet, backpack, knee pads, and wrist guards – everything needed for a successful skating experience.

Convertible Design: Adapt to your child's skill level with skates that effortlessly convert from training wheels to inline skates.

Stability & Control: Built for confidence, the 64mm wheels and 608z bearings ensure a safe and controlled skating experience.


  • Color: Pink/White
  • Size: J10 - J13
  • Grows as your child grows

Easily Adjustable: The Chicago Adjustable Quad Skates offer a multi-adjust boot, easily accommodating growth with a push-button adjustment.

Pack it All Up: Convenience meets style with the matching backpack, making it easy to carry all the essentials for a fun-filled skating adventure.

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